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Rendező: Krishna Vamshi
Producer: Ramesh Puppala
Forgatókönyv: Padmasri , K.K. Benoji
Zeneszerző: Sai Karthik
Operatőr: Santosh Rai
Vágó: Thiyagurajan

Nani (

Catherine Tresa (Noor)
Siddhika Sharma (Sweety)
Charan Raj
Duvvasi Mohan

Paisa directed by Krishnavamsi takes you on a thrill ride through the bilanes of old city in Hyderabad. A never before look at Hyderabad, the movie takes you on guide through Mehboob ki Mehendi (Hyderabad's very own red light area), Havala centers, sherwani showrooms, bangle manufacturing units, and of course a matrimony market for the Dubai sheikhs where 70+ sheikhs get to buy teenage girls as wives.Paisa is the story of Prak(c)ash who dreams of making it big. He loves money more than anything in his life. Unknown to him, his neighbor Noor (Catherine Tresa) an unorthodox Muslim girl is head over heels in love with him. Prakash meets Sweety (Siddhika), a minister's daughter and confesses to Noor that he wants to get married to her. A distraught Noor agrees to get married to an elderly sheik to get her family out of debts. Prakash gate crashes the wedding and rescues Noor and in the męlée flees in a standing vehicle. Unknown to Prakash, the vehicle contains 50 crores which the minister (Sweety's father) just received through a hawala transaction for his party fund.The movie goes in for roller coaster ride from here as everyone wants the money for themselves and gangs are brought from out of town to trace it, kidnapping happen, murders happen and the money is passed on like a rugby ball, leading to a clever ending (by tollywood standards).Nani is good as Prak(c)ash, he displays certain flamboyance to the role and he carries himself with ease. But there are situations where his flamboyant style just does not gel with the happenings around.Catherine Tresa is gorgeous as ever. It is surprising that tollywood heroines are becoming more glamorous and the scripts are becoming duller and duller. She looks good in the Hijab and glamorous in the songs.Siddhika makes up for her lack of acting skills by displaying her chubby body.Sai Karthik's music is sure cure for insomnia.KrishnaVamsi does make his heroines look glamorous, but come on does sprinkling desert sand on the leading lady's navel and upper body make it erotic? guess not A lot was expected from this movie since KrishnaVamsi was back to a genre which he had full control on, apart from taking digs at bothsa, Owaisi and Jagan, the movie has little to offer.the movie is worth a one time "dekho".

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